Banks Services -

  1. Combustion and Gas Cleaning System configuration / functionality
  2. Combustion SAFETY review, audits, upgrades and personnel training
  3. Feasibility and economic evaluations, from "big picture" level to final details.
  4. Performance evaluation and improvement plans. We can stay with your project from start to start-up.
  5. Objective problem assessment.  We do not need to sell you equipment.
  6. Research and literature surveys, to find the information you need when you have more urgent tasks.
  7. Software development - simple time-saving tools to help your productivity.
  8. Project execution, hardware inspection, system installation and startup assistance - we save you time and money.
  9. Troubleshooting services - on the phone or at your site..
  10. Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPS) to formalize the safety status of your equipment and plant. We can set it up or just participate as a knowledge source.

Why use Banks Engineering?


Equipment Design (specific hardware for specific tasks)
Process and detail level design of combustion and air pollution control equipment - particularly systems involving incineration of waste liquids and gases. We can provide high level process specifications as part of a Request for Quotation to vendors or we can generate complete designs with CAD drawings for equipment fabricators and installers.
Troubleshooting (well, it was supposed to work)
Examination of existing combustion and scrubbing systems for problem definition and resolution. Our staff has the experience to evaluate most problems quickly. We can recommend and help implement a fix in most cases and can suggest a combination of options for unique problems.
Feasibility Studies (what arrangement is best, considering our priorities?)
Evaluation of waste disposal problems and potential technology choices. Our experience often lets us guide an end user quickly to the most practical and lowest cost answer to problems in this area. We have the industry contacts to assure that you get the prompt attention you need.
Project Execution (helping make it happen)
We create specifications to meet your particular requirement, solicit quotations from appropriate vendors, help you evaluate the proposals and expedite / inspect the resulting work. We can help you keep your project on schedule and on budget.
Combustion Safety Audits, Upgrades and Training
We review your current combustor systems with an eye to safety. We then present a written report noting any gaps in hardware, procedures or training compared with generally accepted standards, such as NFPA. If needed, we are then available to work with your team to perform upgrades, including hardware specifications, software updates, procedures corrections and personnel training. Everything we do is aimed at preparing your plant's personnel to maintain the updated safety program into the future.

Reference Accounts

The following are examples of work done for hardware suppliers, engineering houses and end users:

Petrocon Engineering
Design of a staged catalytic incineration system for a Gulf Coast location. Operating manual and corrosion research for a catalytic oxidizer / bromine scrubber system in Korea.
John Zink Company
Troubleshooting and startup - NOx reduction incinerator near Leipzig, Germany. Photo:  Dan Banks with Plant Manager.
Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation
Several vent gas odor control projects - gathering system and wet scrubber for wood treating plants in Missouri, Illinois and Texas.
Tosco Refining
Fired heater emission survey and correction project in Martinez, CA.
Callidus Technologies
Offgas incinerator troubleshooting and startup at Lyondell-Citgo Refinery near Houston, TX. Startup of sulfur plant combustors at Pemex refinery, including help with resolution of subcontractor fabrication problems.  Photo:  Dan Banks with Pemex operators.
ARCO Chemical Company
Specification assistance and shop inspection for replacement incinerator for a West Virginia chemical plant. Coordination between supplier, end user and site personnel.
Kaldair, Inc.
Operations and safety review for a large liquid seal flame arrestor at a Gulf Coast plant. Capacity evaluation of gas/liquid knockout vessels.
Bayer Corporation
Several projects, including engineering studies, specification preparation and vendor interface for major modifications to waste incinerators at a Gulf Coast chemical plant.
Zeeco, Inc.
HAZOPS on a crude oil loading terminal flare system bound for the former USSR. Elevated flare radiation calculations for offshore platform.
Process Combustion Corporation
Process and fabrication review on two large incinerator systems being built for a Taiwan chemical company.
Calpine Corporation
Incinerator modifications for new waste gas service, investigation of wet quench system corrosion problems and recommended changes, and investigation of boiler feed water system for enhanced reliability.  Photos:  geothermal waste gas incinerator system.
Waste gas incineration system furnace detailed design and project assistance, including fabricator inspections, permit application assistance, HAZOP input, etc.
Tom Brown Inc.
Sulfur plant tail gas incinerator operability improvements and design of a system to replace natural gas fuel with waste gas previously sent to the plant flare.
WastePro Inc.
Detailed design of new waste gas and combustion air mixing hardware to improve incinerator capacity. Plant capacity was increased about 50%!
Consulting to improve capacity and reliability of pulp mill TRS offgas incinerator systems.

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