Banks Engineering Photos (click photo for larger image)

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Above, Dan Banks with Pemex Refinery Operators - starting large Claus Sulfur Plant Off-Gas Incinerator.  Callidus Technologies design at Tula, Mexico.

Chlorinated Silane Incinerator System - pre-shipment checkout.  Unit was shipped to Oregon after partial disassembly.

Above, Chlorinated Waste Gas Incinerator System - Dan Banks Design.  Carbon steel construction with Inconel waste gas hardware.

Liquid Seal Flame Arrestor - Dan Banks design.  Separate water circulating sprays to avoid fouling of demister internals.

Geothermal Incinerator Flue Gas Quench System details - Dan Banks design.  All 316 stainless due to SO2, SO3 in flue gas.

Dan Banks with wood treating plant Maintenance Manager - scrubber based odor control system.

Geothermal Off Gas Incinerator System - Dan Banks Design.  Horizontal elevated furnace with staged waste gas injectors visible at the left end.

Dan Banks with German Chemical Plant Manager - startup of bound-nitrogen off-gas incinerator (John Zink Co. design)


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