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33 years experience in combustion and air pollution control systems design, marketing and project execution. Strong skills in detailed process engineering design, accident investigation, vendor specifications/negotiations, project management, technical evaluation (for efficiency, capacity and safety), feasibility studies and oral/written presentations.


Principal Consultant, Banks Engineering, 10/96 to Present

Consulting in the areas of combustion system design, combustion safety, incineration and gas cleaning technology (design and operation.) Projects have included:

John Zink Company, Engineering Manager, Thermal Oxidizer Systems Group 4/92 - 10/96

Handled customer problem evaluation and resolution, including guidance of other engineers in reaching cost effective solutions. Special areas of expertise: chlorinated liquid and gaseous waste incineration, kraft pulp mill non condensible gas disposal systems and special combustion equipment for NOx reduction. Designed operator training programs and assisted clients in preparation of air permit documents. Responsible for evaluation of market competitive environment and recommendations to improve group operations.

IT / McGill Environmental Systems, Product Manager, Incineration Systems 9/80 - 4/92

Responsible for the design, marketing and project execution of industrial waste incineration systems, including heat recovery, gas cleaning and control systems. Developed designs and methods for improved gas mixing leading to improved incinerator burner stability with highly variable waste streams. Handled startup and trouble shooting for the company’s incineration and emergency flare products. Supervised the process design efforts for all incineration systems and the creation of new design standards for more efficient operation. Managed incineration and flare projects from order receipt to client hand-off. Authored computer programs for gas network pressure drop calculation, burner design and emission estimating. Responsible for setting operating conditions, emission and operating guarantees for all incineration systems sold.

John Zink Company, Applications Engineer, Process Systems Department 10/76 - 9/80

Responsible for evaluation and design and sales of waste liquid and gas incineration systems. Participated in semi-works scale combustion tests for system development and demonstration. Conducted system startups and problem solving. Provided expert testimony during client negotiations with state air boards and regulatory authorities.

Mobil Oil Corporation, Process Engineer, Beaumont Refinery 10/71 - 10/76

Process computer control and technical service engineering in a large integrated refinery.

Fluor Engineering, Process Engineer 6/70 - 10/71

Process plant design tasks and computer simulation program coding.


Rice University, Masters in Chemical Engineering, 1970

Rice University, BA, 1969


Oklahoma Registered Professional Engineer #15390

American Institute of Chemical Engineers - chairman, treasurer, etc. of Tulsa Section

BIBLIOGRAPHY (we will send you a copy of any paper - just Email or telephone your request)

Banks, Dan, 1997, "Common Incineration Problems", a paper presented to American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Tulsa Section in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click here to see the paper on line.

Banks, Dan and Hazel Ladner, Jim Howe, Carl Connally, 1996, "Evolutionary NCG Incineration System Installed at Mead Coated Board, Mahrt, Alabama", a paper delivered to TAPPI Environmental Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Banks, Dan, 1995, "Cuando Incinerar es la Solucion", a paper presented to audiences at U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Shows in Monterey, Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico,.

Banks, Dan and Greg Horne, 1995, "Technologies for the Reduction of Air Pollution", a paper delivered to the Canadian Pulp & Paper Association in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Banks, Dan, 1995, "In Anticipation of Regulatory Impacts: Dedicated NCG Incineration with SO3 Removal", a paper presented to the Canadian Pulp & Paper Association in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Banks, Dan and Tom Burghart, 1992, "Emission Control Using Thermal and Catalytic Oxidation", a paper delivered to Southern States Annual Environmental Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Banks, Dan, 1987, "Incineration Practices", a paper delivered to Water Pollution Control Federation Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Banks, Dan and Jorgen Hedenhag, 1998, "How to Dispose of NCG and TRS", a paper presented at the TAPPI Engineering Conference in September, 1998 in Atlanta.

Banks, Dan, 2000, "Claus Plant Combustor Survey", a paper delivered to the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference in Oklahoma City.

Banks, Dan and Lyle Maxwell, Jackie Carpenter, 2007, “Thermal Oxidizer Experiences at a Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility”, a paper delivered at the International Incineration Conference at Phoenix, AZ.

Banks, Dan, “Combustion Pulsations and Noise”, Process Heating Magazine, August 2007.

Banks, Dan, “Cut the Cost of Waste Gas Incineration", Chemical Processing Magazine, February 2009.


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