This document lists common problems encountered with industrial incinerators handling vapor and liquid wastes. The list is not complete, of course, since the waste streams are quite variable and people are inventive. New problems surface all the time, but many involve these issues:

  1. A particular operating condition or waste characteristic was overlooked in the specification phase.
  2. The equipment supplier didn't design the system correctly or there were fabrication errors.
  3. The installation crew omitted some important part of the system.
  4. The incinerator safeties were poorly maintained or preventative maintenance was not performed.
  5. Plant production changed, the waste changed, but incinerator was left "as is".

Ultimately all users would like their incinerator system to run like a Swiss watch and need no maintenance, ever!  But routine checks, cleaning and refurbishment will be necessary to avoid nuisance shutdowns and even safety problems. Spare parts is big business for hardware suppliers - and for good reason.

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  1. Definitions
  2. Burner Related Problems
  3. Combustion Pulsation and Noise
  4. Waste Handling Problems
  5. Corrosion / Erosion
  6. Thermal Damage
  7. Thermal Expansion Problems
  8. Scrubber Problems
  9. Boiler Problems

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